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The Latest in Automotive Local Dimming Control

Synaptics SmartBridge Power Saving

Reduced Power
(Up to 80% Saving)

Synaptics SmartBridge lowers BOM cost

Lower BOM Cost
(Designed to Differentiate)

Synaptics SmartBridge improves automotive safety

Improved Contrast

Synaptics SmartBridge reduces halation with advanced processor-based local dimming

Reduced Halation
(Improved Clarity)


Synaptics' display processing, integrated touch and display controllers, touch sense, and display driver technologies provide an unmatched user interface. Widely deployed by the world's leading automotive manufacturers, Synaptics' solutions are rigorously tested to meet the automotive industry's demanding environmental and reliability standards, are proven in high-volume production, and are tailored for clarity, safety, and an intuitive user experience. 


Synaptics Dynamic Local Dimming
Designed to Save Power

low-power energy conscious icon

Custom ultra-low power, purpose built ASIC, designed to minimize power & maximize clarity & contrast.

low-power designed for electrification icon

Unique design manages backlight zones to optimize power. Designed for electrification.

Designed to meet the industry needs of driver safety

Designed to meet the stringent needs of car manufacturers while delivering the best user experience.

Designed to deliver the best user experience

Designed to deliver the best user experience while meeting the stringent needs of the automotive industry.


Wide Screen Flexibility

Synaptics SmartBridge automotive benefit - upto 30" display support
Synaptics SmartBridge automotive benefit - 6 Port LVDS support
Synaptics Automotive_Benefits  eDP v14b DP-MST support
Synaptics Automotive_Benefits 4K LED Dimming Zones
Synaptics Automotive_Benefits 6K-8K Resolution Support
Synaptics Automotive_Benefits Optimized Gamma Support

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