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Building on the award-winning Triple Combo 1, Synaptics now has two parts to provide total flexibility for future-proof IoT designs. Chips combine Wi-Fi 6/6E, Bluetooth 5.3, Channel Sounding (HADM), LE Audio, RSDB, Smart Co-Ex, and 802.15.4 with the Matter application layer for interoperability.

Future Proofed: Award-Winning Flexibility

Synaptics Triple Combo Wi-Fi image
Supports Wi-Fi 6/6E with best CMOS RF, including integrated PA and LNA with highest transmit (Tx) power level and receive (Rx) sensitivity. Capable of 1024QAM over 10 meters.
Synaptics Triple Combo Bluetooth image
Integrated Bluetooth 5.3 with support for the latest ‘BLE Channel Sounding’ (HADM: High Accuracy Distance Measurement). Plus BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).
Synaptics Triple Combo 802.15.4 connectivity image
Designed for IoT flexibility with support for existing and new standards. 802.15.4 WPAN plus support for the new Matter application layer.

Additional features brought with the SYN4382

Synaptics Triple Combo Wireless chipset SYN4382 image

2x2 antenna array for improved

    Noise mitigation

    Faster throughput (twice the speed of 4381)

    Improved robustness


    Improved quality of service

    Spans 2.4, 5 & 6GHz

Synaptics Smart Co-Existence

Uniquely positioned to offer the best performance for 2.4GHz, 5GHz & 6GHz (Bluetooth, 802.15.4, & Wi-Fi 6/6E)

Ensure high-performance throughput by avoiding packet collisions in the same frequency range. Multimedia transmit and receive is managed through Synaptics' proprietary smart scheduling to provide the very best user experience. 
No Audio
Seamless Management of Home Devices (Lights etc.)
Eliminates Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Penalties

Channel Sounding (HADM) Implementation

Phase ranging with secure ‘Quick Tone Exchange’ (QTE) + Time-of-Flight (ToF) and Round Trip Time (RTT) 

Synaptics Triple Combo location tracking with HADM


Synaptics Triple COmbo Location Services

Secure Location Services

Synaptics Triple Coombo Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Enable the highest level of accuracy for proximity measurement in your next design. Reference designs and evaluation kits (EVKs) are available today.

High Performance at Optimized Power

Designed for the most cost-effective implementations, enabling the best performance at a given power level. (Targeted best-in-class for active devices)

smart-bulb enabled by Synaptics
Smart Home
smartwatch enabled by Synaptics
IP Camera enabled by Synaptics
IP Cameras
Set-top-box STB enabled by Synaptics
OTT Set-Top Box

IoT Connectivity in the Home

Design Without Restrictions

Synaptics’ Triple Combo enables designers to build products that can easily connect via Matter, over all supported interfaces

Diagram showing stack of matter with TCP and UDP, IPv6 on WLAN, Thread, BLE, Ethernet for Synaptics Triple Combo chip
Matter logo - Matter can run ono our triple combo device to control the home

Start Your Design Today (EVKs Available)

Triple Combo and the Triple Combo EVK are available today

Synaptics Triple Combo chip enables connectivity for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 802.15.4

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IoT Wireless Triple Combo

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